Top 10 Design Trends for 2019

Tired of scrolling through your Pinterest feed searching for interior design inspo?  Whether you’re looking to start the year off with an interior overhaul or merely freshen up your humble abode, it can be difficult to know where to start. From the colour and texture of wooden floors, to minimalist interiors, we’re breaking down the top interior styles and trends you’ll be swooning over this year.

10# Minimalism

Ah yes minimalism still graces its presence this 2019 with its concept of embracing the larger scale. Don’t be afraid to incorporate rich, natural materials of brown and caramel to achieve warmth in your kitchen area. Below, Tongue N Groove is all about warm minimalism incorporating Herringbone Chevron European Oak flooring against white walls balances out the open space for a cosy finish.

Industrial steel-frame windows and chevron European oak flooring - a true dream kitchen

Industrial steel-frame windows and chevron European oak flooring - a true dream kitchen

9# Biophilic Bathrooms

It’s time to appreciate Mother Nature’s wonders by incorporating the outside in. Biophilic bathroom designs are making a comeback with the use of organic material such as the incorporation of indoor plants, wood and stone, interior accents. These organic textures effortlessly bring forth a sense of calmness and rejuvenation.   

Example of a Biophilic Bathroom from  Extolondon

Example of a Biophilic Bathroom from Extolondon

8# Industrial Chic

Achieving the industrial design look isn’t as hard as you think. Scared of ruining your perfectly polished floors? Opt for reclaimed wooden floor boards! They provide that extra oomph and character to the living room space. With its rustic and rough edge, using it as a headboard or as wall panels will surely nail the industrial vibe.

7# All White Everything

White is the new black. Dark timber was so last season and this year we’re calling on the traditional oak for a lighter, blonde timber style. Incorporating a lighter timber style enhances a classic, contemporary interior and better yet helps to lighten and brighten the living space.

We did an epic herringbone tiled wall  Fika On Brix  cafe choosing a light grey grout to give it a bit of definition. 

We did an epic herringbone tiled wall Fika On Brix cafe choosing a light grey grout to give it a bit of definition. 

6# Open Shelving

Forget about the upper kitchen cabinets because wooden open shelves are becoming a bold statement this 2019. With its inviting look for you to grab a mug and to make yourself feel at home, it also has great insulation properties for winter especially Russian Redwood and European Whitewood.  

5# Velvet Accents

Let’s talk velvet. The old-fashioned touch is slowly creeping up the interior design ladder. Due to its rich textile and finish, velvet works well to give your living room dimension. Try pairing the luxurious material with softer pieces such as wood and ceramics to bring warmth and depth to the space.

4# Neutral Tones

Walking into a crisp neutral backdrop can easily wipe away the stresses of the day. That’s why you can never go wrong with the timeless white and grey marble combo. For its aesthetic appeal from traditional to modern. No wonder natural stones are a timeless trend offering that sleek and clean look.    

3# Brass & Gold Accents

Goodbye to stainless steel, hello brass and all things gold. 2019 is seeing resurgence in subtle accents of metallic rose gold, matte gold, orange gold that seamlessly integrates glamour into the room. Pairing the gold accents with soft neutral shades to balance the attention of competing interior pieces. In contrast, metallic rooms can easily look tacky and overdone  so remember to always pair with soft textures and colour schemes.

2# Make The Bed the Focal Point

Wanting a dramatic effect to your bedroom? With its versatility, a canopy (four-poster bed) fits well with any bedroom scale – big or small. So, achieving the perfect minimalistic look can be achieved by using pale white oak or if you wanted a sleek and modern look opt for a dark wooden poster bed. Spice it up with curtains for an effortless romantic touch or no curtains at all for a sense of elegance and openness. The choice is yours.

Our recent project the  Cottesloe Cabin , where the bedroom is heaven!

Our recent project the Cottesloe Cabin, where the bedroom is heaven!

1# Sustainability

Sustainable, hand-made pieces are blooming in 2019 as consumers start to embrace the eco-chic living. Interior designers such as Markel are already on the bandwagon using recycled plastic to create innovative, funky ‘glow chairs’ to your living space. This is only the beginning to when exploring new materials and the possibilities are endless from benches, tables and other accessories. For us, we love creating from what nature has left behind, like this single Marri Slab that we created from a fallen down tree in Margaret River.

This  piece of timber  went through our sander 120 times!

This piece of timber went through our sander 120 times!

If you’re planning to build or renovate in 2019 and want to incorporate some of these trends feel free to shoot us an email on the contact page!